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What are my superpowers? What are your superpowers? Love having this conversation with my grandson. Today, he has atomic breath like Godzilla (especially in the morning). I first had this conversation with my son when we first knew he was dying of cancer. His superpower was poetry.

i am not things.
i am sums of things,
guessing that i’m part of God,
wondering if there is some place
where my soul will go
from where i might look down
with advantages my eyes did not have
and see the tops of trees
which i used to walk beneath for
shelter from rain and sun,
and see the way things go together
like continental tracts of land
punctuated by water and lights
and roads and other concrete artifices

Preface to “the way I become about dying” by Michael P Funk, 2002

When diagnosed with MS, my superpower became the ability to accept what is. Superpowers are a magic lever for best health.

What are your superpowers?


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  • ShellyKramer says:

    This is really, really beautiful.

  • Anya says:

    Great idea, Danny. Right this moment (other moments reserved for other answers) I think my superpower is the ability to brainstorm. For any problem I come up against I can usually find at least one solution that works out well for me. If I’m in a group, it works well in making other people feel a part of solving the problem as well.

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