Start with the end in mind

By July 28, 2013ePatient, Musician
How do we start a journey? We decide we’re going to work, home, to Boston, the Cape, a destination. Then we plan the route and adjust it as impediments arise (traffic, construction, weather). Same for our health journey – where are we headed?  For me since I have a chronic, deteriorating condition, I’m headed to a place that’s not worse – maintain function, keep a positive outlook, and keep fitting into my hand-made vests. These are my health journey destinations. I struggle in my very busy life, to keep my destination in mind. I keep a focus on those activities, habits, and treatments that are likely to get me to my destination – working, exercise, diet, music, family. I maintain function by walking, triking, blowing my baritone sax, working creatively, continual learning. I keep my positive outlook by controlling the circles I travel in, spending time with my family, and working with my doctors on my pharmaceutical intake.  I avoid popping buttons on my hand-made vests with exercise and calorie control. Sometimes I’m overwhelmed with keeping this all together with the overlay of fatigue I can feel. The art for me is stopping doing some of the things I really like doing because it doesn’t specifically help me on my journey. Don’t volunteer for something, back out of another thing if I can, don’t eat that great piece leftover of birthday cake in the fridge. Keeping the end in mind.

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