Ownership vs Control of Your Health Data

Ownership vs Control of Your Health Data

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An article in Tincture by David Harlow (@healthblawg): “I’m less worried about the name we use for the bundle of rights a patient has with respect to his or her health data than I am about the vehicle available to exercise those rights. The ideal would be a platform that a) empowers patients while b) respecting the roles played in a patient’s health by all members of the patient’s care team and c) recognizing the patient’s right to decide who’s on the team.” “And none of us wants to even think about our health data all that much — or at all, really — unless and until we are sick or injured, or a loved one is sick or injured . . . and then we want our data and we want it now!”


A brief, clear explanation of ownership of data versus data control as a civil right. Published on Jan 6, 2017. Still relevant.