Engaging Family Caregivers as Partners in Care Transitions

Engaging Family Caregivers as Partners in Care Transitions

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A United Hospital Fund Special Report by Carol Levine and others. The goal: to take on the challenge of examining how chronically ill patients are transitioned
from one care setting to the next, and how that transition could be improved by systematically involving family caregivers and arming them with better information, training, and support. Specific strategies to achieve that goal were:
• Inclusion of the family caregiver in medication reconciliation;
• Identification of post-discharge patient needs and discussion of patient discharge options with the
family caregiver;
• Discharge preparedness (training, expectations of the day of discharge);
• A well-orchestrated day of discharge;
• Closing the loop, including post-discharge communication with the family caregiver and the
receiving agency


A book published in 2013. Pretty good