Me? or Populations?

By August 6, 2012August 11th, 2012Caregiver, ePatient, Clinician
One of the challenges for the health care team – patient, caregivers, and professionals – is arriving at the patient’s personal goal of the moment and collaborating toward reaching that goal. I have found myself struggling to differentiate¬†the likelihood of treatment success for a population versus the likely effect for me, my patient, or family member. ¬†As my neurologist says to me, you are not the population. What works or happens for populations doesn’t necessarily happen or work for you. As a multiple sclerosis patient effects of treatment choices on populations is only one consideration got me. For example, I know that I will take no medication that makes me depressed or even less optimistic, no matter its proven clinical effects. My health team knows this.
Have you confronted such dilemmas in seeking best health?

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  • Simon vl says:

    I could not agree more. A wise man once told me that application of treatment results %s to a sample size of one will be wrong 100% of the time.

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