A dynamic speaker, full of stories highlighting points to be made, I have spoken at HIMSS, the Medical Informatics World Conference, and the National Caregivers Conference about Family Caregivers, the ANCC Magnet Conference and ONL’s Leadership Academy about Transformational Leadership and Cultural Change, and for The Society of Participatory Medicine and PCORI about Informed Decision-Making. I have a YouTube Channel of brief broadcasts. I’ve been interviewed by Radioactive Broadcasting URGENT CARE show and The Patient Orator.

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Interview with Patient Orator

Title: Patient Activism as Patient and Clinician

Highlights: Introductions, What Works for You – An Experiment, The Role Clinicians Play in Advocating for Their Patients, The Tower of Babel of Communication, Restoring Empathy in Healthcare, the Impact of Social Determinants of Health on Health Outcomes, Advice to New Clinicians

Panel at National Caregivers Conference 2017

Title: The Family Caregiver Connection: Supporting Essential Care Partners as Patients to Home

Highlights: Working with Family CareGivers as they transition from hospital to home, self-care, honor the caregivers, help the helpers.

Presentation at PCORI Annual Meeting 2017

Title: CEO of Health Team

Highlights: CEO of my health team, partnership with neurologist, OpenNotes, working with PCORI, communicating uncertainty

Video on Health Hats YouTube Channel

Title: Reauthorize PCORI, We Need It

Highlights: In support of the Patient Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI). Research about what matters to patients and caregivers involving patients and caregivers in design, execution, and analyis of research.

Panel at Society of Participatory Medicine Conference 2017

Title: Knowledge, Heart, Courage: Looking for the Yellow Brick Road to Shared Decision-Making

Highlights: A panel at the Society of Participatory Medicine Annual Conference. Social Networks, patient activation, health literacy, variation readiness to make decisions

“Danny is an engaging speaker; he challenges his audience to apply leadership and management concepts to real-life situations in their roles as leaders. He shares his own background and experiences as a leader in a variety of settings to help the learner ‘think outside the box’. Danny appreciates the importance of the collaborative synergy of nurse, physician, and administrative leaders, while emphasizing the valuable role of the patient and family in the center of care. He understands the complex nature of healthcare and management, and is able to convey his expertise and passion in a very meaningful way. ”

Eileen TerrillAssistant Professor, UMass Graduate School of Nursing

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