Is this you?

I’m a really good leader. I have a strong mission, vision, and team.  I want to stay on the top of my game. I need a coach to help me review my strategy, fine tune my plan, and ensure that my personal, home, and work life has balance.

I’m new to leadership. I’m a born change agent. I’ve done an assessment. I see what needs to be done. I want to be effective. I need a coach to help me develop a strategy and a prioritized plan. I want to include and develop my staff in this process.

I’ve had a varied and successful career.  I’m ready for something new. I could go in one of many directions. I’m looking for a coach to help me revisit my personal mission and vision so it leads to alignment of my skills and preferences with my next career activities. I’m prepared to do the work with some guidance.
I’m introducing a product or service for use by people at the center of care. I’m underwhelmed by the reception it’s gotten. People seem to work around it or don’t use it at all. I need an advisor who will guide me to reassess my strategy, test the product and associated processes from the eyes of the users, and revise my implementation plan.

I can help:

I appreciate the value of good coaching and mentoring. I have made use of excellent coaching  myself throughout my career. I currently coach students in a Nursing Leadership Academy and coach private clients. These clients include nurse leaders, information technology and healthcare start-up entrepreneurs, and seasoned leaders embarking on yet another career.

I welcome individuals committed to their own growth, eager to invest the time and brain space to engage. I bring my 40+ years’ experience across the continuum of care in health care as a clinician, leader, informaticist, patient and care partner. I will help you refine your mission, your strategy, and your plan. I will help you test and improve the utility of your product and service.  I will help you learn on your journey through simple observations, metrics, and outcomes. I will help you engage your team and your customers. I will especially pay attention to your health and your life balance. We will have fun doing it.

As a consultant, Danny is a keen problem solver with a passion for bettering the experience of patients, providers, and staff. He is a master at bringing diverse experts together to reach consensus and take action. He understands health literacy challenges and encourages and operationalizes innovation. Danny knows the importance of harnessing technology to enhance work flow. And if an organization has a need for a mean saxophone player who can rock a fedora, Danny can deliver on that assignment, too!

Gwen NatolaCoach at Studer Group / Huron Consulting Group

On a one-to- one basis, Danny has been highly effective in coaching leaders to develop and implement strategy-critical projects while demystifying the necessary measurement of success. He helps leaders negotiate difficult conversations with peers, staff, and higher management. He counsels leaders to effectively incorporate patients and caregivers in problem solving. He infuses that problem-solving with his understanding of the full continuum from community health, home care, behavioral health, and acute care.

Eileen Terrill, Assistant ProfessorUMass Graduate School of Nursing

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