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By April 24, 2013Family man, Leader
As many of you readers know, I’ve been on sabbatical for the past 7 months after being laid off. It’s been a gift to my health – rest, catharsis, grandkids, networking, exercising, music, writing, teaching, exploring, and thinking. I’ve played in the world of entrepreneurs and start-ups, simulation, mobile health, and e-patients. Attended 5 conferences (New Orleans, Orlando, Raleigh, Washington, Boston) and met hundreds of new people. I spent 5 months working with a team designing simulation tools for patient and provider experience and decision-making. You might know simulation from video games and mannequins. Many lessons for health care in the start-up world. Refreshing energy. Taking an idea to a product to market. I also help start a monthly mini unconference called Pain Points in Healthcare with my friend, Dr. Kal Kalwa – networking with young entrepreneurs. I’m now a patient reviewer for PCORI  I’m learning about usability – the intersection of technology and work/life flow. I’ve written for the Society of Participatory Medicine. I interviewed for many jobs that could be exciting, but didn’t thrill me. Wanted to be a leader in a mission driven, patient centered organization eager to utilize my unique combination of skills and passion. My friend, Bevin Croft, found an opportunity for me. After a long courtship, Monday, I start as VP of Quality at Advocates (check them out). Their handle is ‘First, we listen.’ Don’t you love that!  My portfolio includes regulatory, improvement, experience, and informatics. So a new chapter, another hat. I plan to continue to blog at least weekly. Maybe a fresh perspective. Thanks for traveling with me.

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