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The material found on this website created by me is Open Source and licensed under Creative Commons Attribution. Anyone may use the material (written, audio, or video) freely at no charge.  Please cite the source as: ‘From Danny van Leeuwen, Health Hats. (including the link to my website). I welcome edits and improvements.  Please let me know. Material on this site created by others is theirs and use follows their guidelines.

I just donated to @Wikipedia. Support free knowledge! #iloveWikipedia

The conundrum of clinical decision making in one Venn. HT @HealthHats #pccds2018 #rightcare #s4pm #epatient

The Importance of Sleep + 11 Sleep Tips

The Side Of The Opioid Crisis You Wont Hear About……. Please read this. via @lupiewarrior511

Dr. Harle user centered designed “… based upon explicit
understanding of users, tasks, &
environ; driven & refined by
user-centered eval; & addresses
the whole user experience, including user
needs, value, abilities, limitations, &
organizational goals & objectives.” #pccds2018

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October 14, 2018

Medical Marijuana – A Strange Trip Indeed

I received my medical marijuana card from the Massachusetts Department of Health a couple of months ago. I hoped that I could find some additional solutions for cramping, neuropathy, or…
October 7, 2018

Putting Patients at the Center of Pain Management Decisions

Clinical decision support researchers, developers, and implementers this is for you. Clinical decision support (CDS) technology can maximize trust and engagement during decision-making if used to its full potential. Or…
September 30, 2018

MS: My Door to Peak Performance

It's been a strange week post-infusion.  The infusion wore me down. My pathological optimism took a hit. Mood has its ups and downs in the best of circumstances. Although I…

As an action catalyst, I empower people traveling together toward best health (people as patients, caregivers, parents, clinicians, direct care staff, communities, and the people that support them). I wear many hats in healthcare:

  • Patient with Multiple Sclerosis
  • Care partner for several family members’ end-of-life journeys
  • Nurse for 40+ years
  • Informaticist
  • QI leader
  • Husband, Father, Opa, Musician

I specialize in patient/ caregiver/ clinician/ community relationships and the intersection between technology and the health journey.

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