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Watch this TED talk by my friend @JPinderHealth, founder of ClearHealthCosts @chcosts abt the amazing work they're doing to expose pricing disparities that exist everywhere in healthcare, no matter the city/procedure
On the front page at @TEDTalks!

I just published State of Inclusion. Interview with @amersanders, Equity Warrior #TPFAlumni

State of Inclusion. Bias, inclusion & equity from outside healthcare. Interview with @AmeRSanders. Our own biases, inclusion in our communities, taking action to reduce inequities. #TPFAlumni @S4PM @pccdsln @caregiving @CoalitionCCC@theNAMedicine @PCORI

Check out @AmeRSanders interview of @HealthHats on her new podcast, Equity Warriors. #TPF2Alumni #healthequity Great podcast

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February 18, 2019

Special edition for blog subscribers only

Health Hats, The Blog is changing. I'm the same 2-legged white man of privilege, living in a food oasis, who can afford many hats, as I was a couple of…
February 17, 2019

State of Inclusion. Ame Sanders, Equity Warrior 009

It’s everywhere, it’s everywhere. I can’t help but see almost everything I do in my advocacy through the lens of health equity.  Whether it’s making decisions about our health and…
February 10, 2019

Unite to share data for best health #008

Data sharing improves health. But it's difficult and unusual. Not sharing leads to error, wasted time, Can we could work together to make data sharing routine? (more…)

As an action catalyst, I empower people traveling together toward best health (people as patients, caregivers, parents, clinicians, direct care staff, communities, and the people that support them). I wear many hats in healthcare:

  • Patient with Multiple Sclerosis
  • Care partner for several family members’ end-of-life journeys
  • Nurse for 40+ years
  • Informaticist
  • QI leader
  • Husband, Father, Opa, Musician

I specialize in patient/ caregiver/ clinician/ community relationships and the intersection between technology and the health journey.

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