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Equity: More to achieve the same. Equity = People have the same opportunity to achieve best health no matter their social circumstances, biology, genetics, or physical environment. @AmeRSanders @pccdsln @S4PM @CoalitionCCC @goinvo #tpfalumni #hcldr

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Pillow, pills, piss, poop, and pain. Men Caregivers Podcast#2: The Panel. We did it because we could. 20 years a caregiver. I adapted.' Managing the Dis Ease of Disease @caregiving @S4PM #caregivers @CoalitionCCC @GeriLynn @SterlingHIT #TPFAlumni

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January 20, 2019

Equity: more to achieve the same #005

Diversity, equality, and equity are not the same. Diversity = the inclusion of differences. Equality = leveling the playing field. Equity = People have the same opportunity to achieve best physical,…
CaregiverEpisodeFamily man
January 13, 2019

Pillow, pills, poop, piss, and pain #004

Episode Summary Blood, sweat, tears shared by two. Helping one end and another begin. A disaster that ultimately gives back. Hearts clubbed by diamonds in spades. We learned, we cried,…
January 6, 2019

First, We Listen

As a blogger, I talk. Every week, I talk. I talk about what I experience, what I think, and what I think I know. As my web/social media coach says,…

As an action catalyst, I empower people traveling together toward best health (people as patients, caregivers, parents, clinicians, direct care staff, communities, and the people that support them). I wear many hats in healthcare:

  • Patient with Multiple Sclerosis
  • Care partner for several family members’ end-of-life journeys
  • Nurse for 40+ years
  • Informaticist
  • QI leader
  • Husband, Father, Opa, Musician

I specialize in patient/ caregiver/ clinician/ community relationships and the intersection between technology and the health journey.

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