Personal Health Goals

  As a person with MS, I’ve written that my personal health goals are to progress as slowly as possible and do nothing that will mess with my pathological optimism. People I talk with about personal health goals say it’s … Continue reading

Re-calibrating – Finding Balance

So, I have new MS lesions. I’m weaker, less stamina. A 3-days of IV SoluMedrol (steroids) infusion knocked me out. I’m recovering. What will my new normal be? Once again, I’m grateful for my health team. It reconfirms for me … Continue reading

Superpower: Opening our hearts

I’m scared but not shocked. The level of disappointment so many people feel about their lives profoundly saddens me. I should have more. I would have more if it weren’t for others – all sorts of others. Feelings of injustice … Continue reading

Pausing – A Magic Lever of Best Health

Yesterday, my wife took me to Boston Improv for my birthday. My daughter-in-law took me out for lunch. This week I found myself spacing out several times at my desk.  I listened to the rhythms of conversation in meetings at work. … Continue reading

Increasing the Balance in Our Health Journey

I’m using my health team actively this past month. I’m bone tired, stressed about work, worried about my health, all without my usual optimism and positive thinking. I’m out of balance. Yet, my mission is to increase the balance people, … Continue reading

Take a break – now

Today I’m bone tired. Tired of grief, tired of having MS. Interesting how physical health and mental health go hand in hand. Medical challenges weaken our reserves, at the very least make us crabby fearful, anxious – tired. Medical challenges … Continue reading

What do Caregivers need to manage health?

What do caregivers want from Health Information Technology (HIT)? Most caregivers, people at the center of care, don’t think about HIT. They think about what they need to manage individual health, theirs or the person they support: Quality of life … Continue reading

Engagement after the Olympics – a Marathon not a Sprint

 I’m watching the Olympics a lot this week. These athletes are so focused and consumed with their event. Many of us committed to participatory health have a similar focus in our health journey or the health journey of those we support – … Continue reading

That Sinking Feeling of Stress

You know that sinking feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when something is seriously wrong?  Often accompanied by inability to focus on the here and now (your music, your kids, your grandkids, your partner), trouble sleeping, mind … Continue reading