What Happens Next? Planning Care

People: What’s wrong with me? Should I tell the doctor? What does she want me to do?  Can I afford it? Does it (will it) hurt? Can I (will I) still take care of my family (go to work, go … Continue reading

Health Literacy Month

Last week I was describing a mutual friend to my son as pathologically optimistic. Overhearing us, my seven-year old grandson asked me what that meant.  I started in with glass half full, glass half empty. Oh, Opa, he interrupted me, I know what optimistic means, … Continue reading

Embracing your friend, ignorance

Pondering ignorance this week. Not so much the ignorance we see with politicians (although that can be quite awesome on a massive scale), but the not knowing. Discovering a realm of not knowing you didn’t know existed. I’ve seen varied … Continue reading

Are We Safe?

Sometimes our health journey seems fraught with peril. So much can go wrong. Unexpected danger lurks around every corner. Yet, team members (caregivers, loved ones, professionals) accompanying us on our health journey all seek a safe ride for us and … Continue reading

Open Notes

My mission is to increase the sense of balance patients, caregivers, and clinicians feel as they work together towards best health. Working together means relationships and communication. Sometimes I wish I had more face time with the professionals participating in my care. … Continue reading

Caregivers and Providers

Yesterday, Peter Elias, MD, fellow member of the Society for Participatory Medicine (www.participatorymedicine.org) asked us to offer questions that caregivers may have of providers as they care for their loved ones with cancer. I’m recall our experience caring for our son, … Continue reading