Fitting data into life’s flow- a vexing dilemma

This third in a series about health care data thinks about how data fits into the life flow of people. We collect data because we want to, need to, or are forced to. People observe their own health journey (life) and … Continue reading

What is Health Data? An Introduction for Anyone

I took a week off.  I unplugged to attend the memorial service for my mom. Thanks to readers who inquired about my absence, worried if I was OK.  I’m OK. This is the second in a series of posts about Health … Continue reading

Good Government – Office of the National Coordinator

I frequently write here about access to health information – necessary to just-in-time decision making, tracking status in meeting health goals, coordinating care among your health team – heavily weighted to individual action and team relationships. Effective communication within your … Continue reading

e-Patient’s Health Record. Which DAM data?

Paint me frustrated. In the forums I attend the conversation is almost never about what e-Patients need in their health record. Rather it’s about what the vendor and government communities feel is possible given the current state. Many studies exist about adoption of … Continue reading

Care Coordination

According to the September 2012 Institute of Medicine (IOM) report, Communicating with Patients on Health Care Evidence, 97 percent of those surveyed with chronic conditions agreed that their care ought to be coordinated. Yet, only 54 percent said that their care was currently … Continue reading

Give Me My Damn Data

Making decisions about my best health requires information, wisdom, faith,and luck. Information comes from data, observation, and communication. Wisdom comes from experience and reflection. Faith is trust. And there’s a crap shoot in choices, who knows. For me health care … Continue reading

Errors in Electronic Medical Records

I’m concerned about errors in electronic medical records. I love my technology, I’m an early adopter. I participate in several national initiatives bridging the consumer and health technology – HIMSS (Health Information Management Systems Society)  eConnecting with Consumers Committee, Society for Participatory Medicine, … Continue reading