Medical Residents and Safety

Listening to an article on Morning Edition this week, Is It Safe for Medical Residents to Work 30-Hour Shifts? A study has begun randomly putting some residents in 30 hour shifts and others in 16 hour shifts to see if … Continue reading

Notifying me when accessing my health data

Why don’t I know when someone, something, anyone accesses my personal health data? I get emails from Apple, Google, my banks, credit cards, Facebook when someone attempts to get access to my financial or social media accounts from a different computer … Continue reading

Nothing about me, Without me.

More about the work of the group OpenID HEART (Health Relationship Trust) that I blogged about a couple of weeks ago. Health Relationship Trust: interesting name – people at the center trusting the relationships in their health journey. My blog tag … Continue reading

The procedure wasn’t successful, but the experience was

I went to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center in Boston Friday for an outpatient invasive procedure. Pretty amazing. A well oiled production, well-informed, with amazing service. Upon arrival my wife and I received a pager to signal us when the … Continue reading

The Muscle Cramps of the Health Marathon

Who does what in a health team? Who has control? How does the team deal with questions of competence and capacity. The tension between rights and safety can and often should consume a health team. Can my mother live alone? … Continue reading

Test driving – Still shopping

I test drove a new neurologist this week. I’m still shopping. Two factors affected my continued shopping: no spark between us and no portal / doesn’t communicate by e-mail. The practice was cool and efficient, the physical exam was thorough. Nothing … Continue reading

Test driving and consent to share

This health journey I’m on can be quite a ride. Tomorrow I’ll test drive a new neurologist. They want me to bring certain information from my previous neurologist: Recent notes, medications, MRIs on CD. They can’t just go get it. … Continue reading