Community Capital – a prescription for best health

This week I heard someone speak about the importance for everyone to have the opportunity to be part of a community. I am part of many communities: my family, my work teams, my neighborhood, the virtual e-patient community, this blog … Continue reading

Leadership in Family Health Crises

Sudden, severe illness or protracted undefined illness likely causes a family health crisis. Families in health crisis start from a position of acute stress yet have much to do. For a frame. consider that physical health starts with spiritual health, then … Continue reading

Should you bring someone with you to your next doctor’s appointment?

Should you bring someone with you to your next doctor’s appointment? If you’re asking, the answer is yes.   How do you be the best companion if you’re asked? Prep in advance, listen, record, ask questions. Know why you’re going? That means both What does the … Continue reading

Worry, a familiar & unwelcome companion

Worry, a familiar and unwelcome companion on the health journey. What do I have? Will I have to adjust my life (further)? Can I keep the faith? Who will help ME? What have I missed? Can I do it all? … Continue reading

Access to your health team – Asynchronous communication

Much of health care depends on relationships. What do people at the center of care and professionals in health care look for in their relationship? Much as with any relationship – access when needed, exchange of information, listening, respect, speaking the same language, understanding each … Continue reading

Kissing the Boo Boo

Health care is a tower of Babel. It’s the rare person who can translate across every part of health care. Some part of health care is a mystery to someone. Doctors often don’t understand the language or culture of the … Continue reading

Making a difference for caregivers!

MaryAnne Sterling (@SterlingHIT) and I were honored to discover that we had been invited to give the first presentation to the Health Information Management Systems Society (HIMSS) about caregivers-Supporting Family Caregivers on the Front Lines through Health Information Technology link. 40,000 … Continue reading

Authority and confidence does NOT equal right

I play saxophone in a combo – I’m the only horn. I come in with the melody – after we’ve improvised – with authority and confidence. My teacher tells me, “come in strong whether or not you’re right. The band … Continue reading

Disclosure – Revealing health issues

Disclosure: The act of revealing something. How does disclosure impact life for the disabled, chronically ill, or their caregivers? Disclosure has a threshold: before disclosure, after disclosure. Revealing something that may impact success or perception. I have multiple sclerosis, mental … Continue reading