Spring Musings

8am: Just finished an 11 mile ride on my recumbent trike in an hour and a half. I’ve been riding a recumbent stationary bike in the basement 30-50 miles per week in the basement all winter hoping it would keep my strength up. Takes so long to build up when I lose it. It worked!! I saw a bit of snow hanging on near the path next to Trader Joe’s. Today, let’s enjoy whatever health we have. We’ve earned it.

The Marathon Bombings remind me to appreciate what I have.  It’s precious: my honey, my family, trust. It can change in a second. Appreciation is a magic lever of health. It’s a good sign that the media spices the stories of mayhem with stories of helping in the immediate aftermath. Those affected will need help for a long time.  Honor the caregivers, help the helpers.

One Reply to “Spring Musings”

  1. So true, Danny. Life and health are truly gifts and appreciation of them”magic levers of health” So happy you are all OK. Yes, “honor the caregivers, help the helpers” Be well.

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