It’s a Caregiver Xmas

I started crying today. My wife reminded me to rinse my mouth with salt water. I had a tooth extracted. Silly, but my heart was full. What would I do without my caregivers? My wife, my sons, daughters-in-law, sister, even grandsons. My 4 year old grandson, when we play jungle animals, wants me to be an animal with balance (a snake – can’t fall down). My one year grandson makes sure I have my cane when I go out. When diagnosed with MS I felt like I won a lottery I didn’t buy a ticket for. Caregiving is an act of love. It occurs to me that most chatter about best health doesn’t honor the caregivers. Honoring caregivers – a magic lever of best health – Xmas for caregivers. My thanks to my caregivers – from my heart. How can we better honor the caregivers?

2 Replies to “It’s a Caregiver Xmas”

  1. Danny, do you know why your caregivers are “caring?” Because of who YOU are. You have demonstrated care and love for them through many, many years, so, even those little ones have come to know what it means to care.

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